Heilongjiang Institute of Construction Technology

 A Brief Introduction to Heilongjiang Institute of Construction Technology

 One of the first national model vocational colleges of higher education in Heilongjiang Province

 The typical college for graduate employment experience nationwide

 The model base for fostering and training badly-needed talents of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Construction

 The national key construction cultivating and training base for vocational college teachers by Ministry of Education

 Heilongjiang Institute of Construction Technology, located in the famous city of North China--Harbin, is a full-time public regular college approved by the Ministry of Education. HICT was founded in 1948, its predecessor was Harbin Technical Professional School. And in February 1962, it was renamed the Heilongjiang Civil Engineering School; In March 1998, HICT grew out of the combination of Heilongjiang Civil Engineering School and Heilongjiang Workers and Staff College of Construction and was upgraded to full-time college under the approval of the Ministry of Education. It is the first independent higher vocational school set up by Heilongjiang Province, and also one of the first national model technical and vocational colleges. From 2000 to 2003, it combined with Heilongjiang Building Materials Industry School and Heilongjiang Textile Industry School successively. In December 2006, HICT was approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as the first batch of 28 national demonstration institutions of higher vocational education and passed the inspection and acceptance in October 2009. In December 2017, the Department of Education of Heilongjiang Province approved the college as a project establishment unit for the construction of high-level vocational colleges in Heilongjiang Province. At present, the College is the governing unit of the UNESCO Chair Committee for Industry and Research Cooperation, the Ministry of Education Ministry of Construction, the training base for exemplary personnel training, the Ministry of Education¡¯s national key construction professional education teacher training base, and the Ministry of Construction Education Association. It is the chairman unit of the Adult Education Professional Committee, the vice president unit of the Vocational Education Section of the China Higher Education Association, and the vice president unit of the Provincial Higher Education Association. The college has achieved fruitful results in its 70 years of running a school, and has delivered more than 120,000 talents for the construction industry in China.

 In the long-term practice of running schools, the college always adheres to the direction of socialist education, fully implements the Party¡¯s education policy, takes high moral values establishment and people cultivation as the fundamental task of education, firmly grasps the new normal of serving development, promoting employment , actively adapting to economy, and continuously improves its core competitiveness; adheres to the integration of production and education, school-industry cooperation; adheres to the road of integration of work and study, and development of knowledge and understanding; guided by innovation-driven development, continues to develop curriculum systems based on work processes; and builds a theoretical and practical integrated teaching and training platform and fully improve the College's Connotation Construction. The school adheres to the spirit of "the combination of morality and ability, the integration of theory and practice," adheres to the educator Tao Xingzhi's educational philosophy of "life is education, society is school, the unity of teaching, learning and doing" and adheres to the college style of "forge ahead in unity, factual ism and innovation, inheritance and dedication," , abides by the teaching style of" dedicated, talented, guided and caring" , advocates "time-cherishing , good at learning, skilled, truth-seeking" style of study, and strives to achieve all-round "three all" education model of all process, all staff and all dimension.

 The college now covers an area of 920,000 square meters, and the building area of the school is 388,000 square meters. There are 13 on-campus experimental and training bases integrating teaching, scientific research, training and services. The construction area reaches 68,000 square meters. There are 246 experimental training rooms with a total value of 108.5493 million yuan for teaching equipment. The college has 9 professional departments and 3 teaching departments , 44 majors and more than 11,000 full-time students. 6 majors, including architectural engineering technology, building decoration engineering technology, heating ventilation and air-conditioning engineering technology, municipal engineering technology, project cost and building design technology have been awarded as national-level key construction specialties supported by the central government;6 majors, including architectural electrical engineering technology, construction economics management, water supply and drainage engineering technology, construction project management, material engineering technology and computer application technology have been awarded provincial-level key construction projects supported by local finance; The road and bridge engineering and technology major has been rated as national professional demonstration sites, and 2 majors such as electrical automation technology and tourism management has been rated as provincial-level professional demonstration sites; The three majors of architectural electrical engineering technology, computer network technology, and hotel management has been awarded the second batch of modern apprenticeship pilot programs by the Ministry of Education; The four majors of building materials engineering technology (concrete production technology), construction engineering technology, municipal engineering technology, and road and bridge engineering technology have been approved by the Department of Education of Heilongjiang Province as the project construction specialty for high-level professional construction projects in higher vocational colleges in Heilongjiang Province.

 The School has a total of 452 full-time teachers at present, including 52 professors, 220 associate professors. One of them enjoys a special allowance from the State Council and the Heilongjiang Provincial Government. There is one national famous "One Million Plan" teaching master, 9 provincial teaching masters, 2 provincial teaching rookies, 1 provincial teaching expert, 1 national teaching team and 4 provincial teaching team. There are 26 national-level registered architects, first-level registered constructors, and 8 national committee members. The school has completed 2 national high-quality resource sharing classes and 11 provincial classical classes. 17 textbooks access to the first "the twelfth five-year plan" vocational education national planning teaching materials ;2 second prizes has been gotten in national teaching achievement appraisal .The school has 2 central financial supported training bases and 4 provincial financial supported training bases. Heating ventilation and air-conditioning engineering and technology was evaluated as a national professional teaching resources library by the Ministry of Education in July 2013;"Decoration Engineering" talent team is approved for the new provincial leader in Heilongjiang Province; In 2014,the college participated in the "Cold Zone Cooperative Innovation Center of Sustainable Development of Urban and Rural Construction ", which was led by Harbin Institute of Technology, and passed the provincial certification, which had provided a powerful platform for the research work of the college.

 The college has given full play to the role of "enterprise and college" and set up 348 off-campus internship bases to ensure that graduates are qualified to meet the needs for higher professional talents and achieve the training objective of "employed after graduation, work after employment, qualified after work". The employment rate of graduates has been up to more than 95% in a decade, and for seven consecutive years, the employment rate of graduates has been ranking first among Heilongjiang higher vocational colleges and has been among the best in the country. The college has been awarded the honor of Advanced Collective of Enrollment and Employment by Heilongjiang Department of Education for many times. Besides, it was awarded among as top 50 institutions of the national college graduates employment in 2012 and was named " national vocational competitive demonstration school in employment" in 2013.

 The college attaches great importance to quality education, adheres to double-study of morality and technology, and develops in an all-round way. The professional skills and overall quality of students have been continuously improved. In 2017, the Youth League Committee of the College was awarded the outstanding unit of "Three services(culture, technology and health care) to the Countryside" (volunteer activities for the rural areas) by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. In the past three years, the college's three league branches have been awarded the title of "the vital group branch" by the group's central government; In the National College Students Summer Special Action "Jinggang Love . Chinese Dream" organized by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the college team has won an outstanding practice team for three consecutive years and won the Excellent Project Achievement Award for two consecutive years. In June 2017, our team won the first prize in the architectural engineering drawing contest of Ministry of Education National Occupational Competence (higher vocational );In the past three years, the college team has won 7 provincial first prizes, 1 national 2nd prize, and 5 international 3 prizes in the Student Mathematical Modeling Competition; the school team won the first prize (Provincial Division ) in the "China Skills Competition in 2018 - Heilongjiang Provincial Selection Competition in the 45th World Skills Competition" and "Computer Graphic Design" Contest in Heilongjiang Trial Competition, and won the opportunity to participate in the World Skills Contest; in 2017, the college¡¯s student Wang Dong, as the only higher vocational student in the country, was awarded the "Jinpai" Sunshine Scholarship by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. At the same time, he won the China Telecom's "Tianyi Award" Scholarship and got the honorary title of National Youth League¡¯s Outstanding Communist Youth League member in 2018.

 The college attaches great importance to the connection and communication work between the higher vocational education and the undergraduate education, and cultivates the life-long learning ability of the students. The college provides a very convenient conditions for the students willing to continue the undergraduate study. Through the college-upgraded university examination, the third year students of the college may enter the undergraduate university directly and accept the undergraduate education, and obtain the graduation certificate and degree certificate after graduation.

 The college accepts the national enrollment. In 2018, it plans to recruit 4683 students in the country's 29 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions. With the approval of the Ministry of Education, our institute has started separate recruitment work since 2010 and 1745 candidates have been recruited to 2018.

 We warmly welcome the excellent middle school students to register for the examination to study at Heilongjiang Institute of Construction Technology!

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